Thursday, October 1, 2015

ღ ♡ Twisted Fortune Cookie Side Hunt by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

 It was a little slow going with all the rolling restarts and other joys provided by Linden Labs, but we finally managed to get our side hunt up and running. 

This side hunt is all about the fortune cookies.  Wander around our store and touch all those little scrumptious fortune cookies in hopes to find some more twisted goodness.  They say silly things and like to make lots of noise.  LOL

Our first offering is the Twisted Feathered Hat.  A lovely little hat with feathers, sparkly accents, and of course a spinning infamous cube.  In the current theme colors, black/white.  It's Qi, it's sexy, with a little bit of mystery thrown in the mix.
Our second gift is the Twisted Top Hat, for our manly hunters.  Materials are enabled, of course, so the hat will reflect all the shimmering light of all those great twisted places you will visit along the hunt.  It was absolutely necessary to throw some spin on it.  This is Twisted after all.

Both hats can actually be worn by anyone.  It is not necessarily written in stone that a lady can't wear a top hat or a gentlemen have a feather in his cap.  Collect them both.

Each have a menu driven resize script so the size maybe adjusted for the perfect fit.  You also have the option to delete the script if you choose.  Be sure to make a copy first, just in case.

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