Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ღ ♡ New Offerings & Participation in the Hidden Sanctuary Event - "Something Wicked Begins" by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

We are pleased to announce our participation in the "Something Wicked Begins" event by Hidden Sanctuary Events.  Be sure to check out their website for more information.

 This special set comes with the dress, hat, handbag, and shoes. Our event exclusive item.

But that's not all.  Besides this particular outfit, it is available in lots of different spring colors in two different patterns.

And there's more!  Everything offered will be at a special discounted sale price just for this event!

ღ ♡ Spring Into Night by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

 The perfect dress, shoes, hat, and handbag for work, an afternoon out, or it can be dressed up enough for an evening out on the town. 100% Mesh, comes in 5 standard sizes plus a SLink version.  The hat has a menu driven resize script for that perfect fit.  A sweet little matching handbag, and the heels are set for SLink High, but also have a resizer that can be adjusted by +.05 for Belleza, & Maitreya.
13 different color choices in either Shimmer Lace or Bouquet Lace pattern.  Alpha layers also included for classic avatars.  Mix & Match for a personalized look.  Please try the Demo to make sure of the fit since each avatar is unique.

ღ ♡ Diva Show Gown by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

Unleash your inner diva with this latest gown.  The set include 5 standard sized mesh and fitmesh gowns, flexi attachments, optional light effects attachment, and alpha masks for classic avatars.  Available in Silver, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, and Golden Bronze.  Demo available

ღ ♡ Diva Halter Outfit by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

This is a one piece outfit. Satin fabric with cutouts on the bodice & glittering gemstones without scripts.  Fitmesh in standard sizes plus
ones geared specifically for Belleza, Maitreya, & Slink.  Alpha layers for classic avatars included.  Materials enabled. (video card and client
software dependent). A demo is available and encouraged as every avatar is unique in shape & size.  Eight different colors are available.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

ღ ♡ Twisted Hunt - Odyssey 2016 Participation ♡ ღ

by Page Creations™ is participating in the Spring 2016 Twisted Hunt.  Odyssey is the theme this time around.  We are offering our main prize called "Harbinger Of The Gods".  It's a fortune teller machine that says all kinds of crazy things.  We hope our hunters will enjoy it.  We have also have a couple of extra prizes in the mix.  A Twisted hat for the ladies and one for the gentlemen.

We brought back the Twisted Captive Jars GATCHA by request and have decided to turn this into a new  by Page Creations™ tradition.

Each of them are themed, have custom sounds, and are mostly mesh.  The jars themselves are considered "Uncommon", a special Twisted shelf is the Rare with a filled shelf being the Ultrarare.   A side hunt is in the works.  Hopefully more GATCHA items, as well as well as an End Game prize.  Prize pictures can be seen on our Flickr account.

Friday, January 22, 2016

ღ ♡ Heart Carved Music Box Voucher by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

ღ ♡ Build A Gift Music Box Voucher Information by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

Here is a breakdown of all the selections available for your customized music box.

Within the package you will receive a note card all the necessary info to make all your selections.  Just fill out the note card voucher to submit to our drop box at the Hidden Sanctuary Event.

Included in note card: Voucher (Note card), Music Selections List (Note card), Finish/Accent/Artwork (Image), Examples (Image), Gift Box Selections (Image)

Music Box Object 2LI (Mod/Trans) Scripts (Transfer Only) Gift Box 2LI (Mod/Trans)