Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ღ ♡ More Twisted Goodness by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

We told you we would be coming out with even more stuff for the Twisted Hunt Fall 2015 - Qi.  Here's a sampling for you.  If you' d like to see images for all them, drop by the shop, follow us on Flickr.  If you'd like to stay up to date on all our new releases, you are welcome to join our VIP group in world, or like us on Facebook.

Have a favorite Twisted theme? We have a shirt for you! To learn more about the one of the hardest hunts on the grid, check out the Twisted Hunt website.
Set includes the 5 standard sizes, and alpha mask included for classic avatars. Materials are enabled,  (Client settings and video card dependent) Available in each Twisted Hunt
color from the beginning for men and women.   We hope you will revel in the twisted goodness.

What league will you choose?

Pictured is the current theme "Qi".  All the previous themes are also represented.

And for our GATCHA lovers, we have the Twisted Captive Jars.  All the themes, current and past are represented in miniature scenes captured inside jars. We've even added a few extras for those who follow the group, you'll understand the twisted humor.  The rare is a shelf to display your treasures, the ultra rare is a shelf all filled and ready to go. Each jar is labeled on the top of each lid with the theme name and date.

Each one is mostly mesh to keep the land impact low.  They are highly detailed, quality works of art and we hope you will collect each one.  The shelf has more room to add future jars that we plan to do in future hunts. High quality sound/music clips play randomly, but are not to the point of annoyance (played approx. 2-3 minutes apart).

Saturday, September 19, 2015

ღ ♡ Twisted Hunt - Fall 2015 - Qi ♡ ღ

It's fall and it's time for the Twisted Hunt.  I'll be posting some of the items by Page Creations™ will be offering during this time.  This one of the craziest and hardest hunts on the grid.  You definitely don't want to miss it.  For as tough as it is, all the headbanging on your keyboard, the frustration, and the thoughts of rage quitting, I can not stress enough how rewarding and well worth your time.  To learn where to get started, more about participating merchant, and general info, go to TwistedHunt.com.  You won't be sorry, ok maybe during the hunt (insert evil laughter here), but once you make it to End Game and see all the cool stuff you racked up.  You'll be glad you did.

Presenting "Cookies Of Fortune". The main hunt prize we will be offering.  The images has all the particulars so check it out. We have so much more to come.  Check back often.