Friday, March 16, 2018

ღ ♡ Twisted Hunt Spring 2018 - Atlantis - The Side Hunt Is Officially Open ♡ ღ

As promised, by Page Creations™ is pleased to announce the official opening of our side hunt for Twisted.  It is called Atlantean Park. We hope you will enjoy it.

We hope you are enjoying the Twisted Hunt Spring 2018.  The Atlantis theme is something near and dear to our hearts at by Page Creations™. A little bit of Second Life™ history for you.

Once upon a time a very dear friend of ours owned the original Atlantis sim.  It was a absolutely beautiful and a amazing build that was in Second Life™ for many years.  Long before there was mesh, sculpts, advanced lighting or windlight. All we had were regular prims and flexi was the latest upgrade. To see underwater you had to turn off fog. You had to be very creative to put something like that together back then. What a difference a few years makes. One of the cool things about being in SL for as long as we have is the opportunity to experience things and watch how things have progressed over the years.  The stories many of us could tell!

Some of the areas of the original Atlantis sim were different temples with historical information to discover. There was the Wave Room, which was a themed night club.  There was a wedding area called, the Temple of Light. You had the ability to jump in a small submarine called a "Tadpole" to explore undersea spaces. Another area was L'eau Beau where fashion shows and receptions were held.

Once we found out the theme for this Twisted Hunt, I had to let my friend know about it and see if she would be interested in collaborating with us to bring you this side hunt.  This gave us a opportunity to reminisce about old times.  We decided to call this Atlantean Park rather then Atlantis, because this is something new.  There are many parts of the original Atlantis sim here, some of it has been updated, some of it is completely new, and it's up to you to discover which is which.  So that is our nod to the original Atlantis sim that will never be forgotten.  We decided to keep the tag line "Where Old Meets New", it seems even more appropriate now.

ψ Places to Explore ψ

Atlantean Park is the only open research facility where anyone is welcome to explore & discover ancient artifacts as well as test state of the art exploration equipment.

The Ocean Floor - Personal submarines are available to see ancient ruins as well as recreated or restored facsimiles.

The Cave System - A recently discovered area that is still relatively unknown. Please use extreme caution while visiting this area. It is very easy to get lost in the labyrinth of caves. Some have reported strange things happening in there. Some even believe they are haunted or cursed.

The Modern Tunnel System - This area has been built completely of glass and metal for casual observation purposes.

Within the Main Temple are two other areas of interest.  Enjoy a beautiful view of the sea at our Surface Observation Area.  Souvenirs, gifts and GATCHAs are on the lower level.

ψ Info That Might Be Helpful ψ

There are a few different gifts scattered around the sim, but since this is Twisted, hints are just not going to happen.  It's best to explore all the areas listed above if you really want to get all the gifts and get the full experience of this side hunt.  We will tell you that there are at least 5 gifts available.

If you want to truly see Atlantean Park the way we have it set up, be sure to grab your free Mistral HUD so you will have the correct windlight and water settings.

Here is the SLurl: Atlantean Park - Twisted Side Hunt or you can get it when you visit by Page Creations™ while out on the hunt.  Just touch the Twisted Extras sign by the front desk when you get there.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

ღ ♡ by Page Creations™ Participates in Twisted Hunt Spring 2018 - Atlantis ♡ ღ

It's time for the Spring 2018 Twisted Hunt! The theme this time is Atlantis. Fun times!  We've been having a great time with this theme.  For those who have never experienced a Twisted Hunt, it's not for the weak of heart for sure.  It has been dubbed "The hardest hunt in SecondLife." This is definitely not one of those fluffy bunny hunts. It is a free hunt.  80+ participating stores this time.  Many merchants have side hunts with can add to all the twisted fun. More prizes to acquire. After visiting all the stores there is "End Game". This is an area with SL experiences. Solve the puzzles, survive, and you get to visit the prize room. Earn your "Survivor" tag. Want to know more about Twisted? Visit their website here:

So by Page Creations™ has some goodies for everyone who wishes to participate in the hunt or just wanting to play some GATCHA. Twisted Captive Jars GATCHA are back. We've added a new jar for Atlantis.  The GATCHA is located at the back area of our store along with some of our other Twisted GATCHA selections.  We have added "The Sure Thing" box for those who just want it all but would rather not play the actual machine. In the box you receive one of everything, including rare and ultra rare items.

Twisted Sequin Pumps has returned.  New pump added with the opportunity to win the full set. Materials enabled and rigged for Slink High. "The Sure Thing" box is available with this GATCHA.
Our newest themed GATCHA is Tales of Atlantis.  Lots of goodies in this one.  All our sirens (mermaids) come in blonde, brunette, and ginger versions.  Each also come in nude or bikini clad versions. Static, swimming, bobbing. They are all about the size of a regular sized avatar but can be sized down to very, tiny. Different versions of ruins, braziers, treasure, even a empty aquarium you can add whatever you want to.  Everything is materials enabled. This is also available in a "The Sure Thing" box.
Something a little fun item we put together for the ladies is the "Grab a Mermaid by the Tail" souvenir shirts.  Materials enabled, for mesh and classic avatars. Specific avatar sizes listed on the image, 5 standard fitmesh sizes, and alpha mask for classic avatars included.
We also have the "Grab a Mermaid by the Tail" souvenir shirt for the gentlemen.  Materials enabled, 5 standard fitmesh sizes, tested on Slink, and alpha mask for classic avatars included.

And now for our main hunt prize for this hunt. We present "Sirens of Atlantis" fortune teller machine. Three lovely sirens frolicking on the edge of the sea, waiting for unknowing sailors to come their way. Since the lore says sirens were dangerous, we felt they were perfect for..... well they are just, twisted after all.

Please check out the image for more details.

We are in the process of a new side hunt. Check back for more prizes to be announced.

Friday, December 8, 2017

ღ ♡ by Page Creations™ Participates in Twisted Krissmuss 2017 & 3D Republic Christmas Market ♡ ღ

The elves have been busy at by Page Creations™. Boxes and bows, shiny bobbles, garlands and tinsel galore. Twisted toys for all the good little girls & boys during the Christmas season. Cool stuff for the kids stuck adulting all the time too! As we generally do, we'll be hanging out at Secrets of Gaia sim for the annual Twisted Krissmuss Holiday Gift Sale.  Also we have merchandise at 3D Republic Christmas Market. The SLurl for that event is on the Builders Republic sim.  Of course you are always welcome to visit our in world store as most of these products are not on the SL Marketplace.

One of our latest items is our Twisted Toys Animated Cymbal Monkey.

A little bit of nostalgia with a twist. Touch to toggle the sounds off/on.  Materials enabled. Available in black, blue, green, purple and red. Gift packaged and only 100L to take this little gem home.

Musical Snow Domes. We decided to do something a little different this year rather then the globes.  We have 10 different version each with their own them and music selection to chose from.

Mesh, material enabled, lighted and gift packaged.

We're offering a new seasonal GATCHA called  Greens & Tinsel.  This consists of table top trees that are approx. 3 meters tall, but can be made larger if you prefer. As well as wreaths.  Both trees & wreaths come in natural green, light flock, or fully flocked versions, some with multi colored and some with white twinkling lights. A perfect addition to any holiday decor.

If you are looking for full sized themed trees, we do still carry our Tinsel and Trees GATCHA.  If you are looking to create your own winter wonderland, may we suggest our Winter Solitude GATCHA.  Both of these machines are only available in our in world store.

Retro Neon Sign GATCHA.  Just like the title says. Many to choose from.  If you are interested in the Twisted RARE, you will only find that one at the Twisted Krissmuss event. Otherwise that GATCHA will be at all other locations.

Just a reminder that there are some special items for all members of the family.  Be sure to check out our new line of LED shoes called Phunkies™. We have just release our Halo Velcro line for Toddledoo babies and kids.  Only available at our in world store.  We also carry a line of ice skates for this time of year.  Stop by and check it out.  Even more then is listed here.  Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.  We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Friday, September 1, 2017

ღ ♡ by Page Creations™ News & Twisted Hunt Event Items ♡ ღ

Just thought we'd share what's going on at by Page Creations™.  We recently did a complete store makeover and hope you'll drop by to take a look. After announcing our participation in the Fall 2017 Twisted Hunt - Victorian Gothic we wanted to share some of the things available this time around.

 Our main hunt prize this time is called "Mr. Bingley's Mechanical Mystical Oracle. We've redesigned the outside of the machine with more detail and hopefully brought the land impact down some.

Now a little bit about the machine.  He's a little bit Steampunk, a little bit Victorian, all twisted up into this nice little machine for your enjoyment. Place him out on your land and make a few bucks in the process while entertaining friends and guests.

Each one of our machines are unique in what they say, movements, & sounds. Take a look at the image for more details about him.

We have a couple of extras for our Twisted Hunters to find in the shop this time around.

Twisted Top Hat for the gentlemen, adorned with Victorian Gothic - Twisted Hunt cubes, that spin and float around.  Haunted Steampunk style goggles with animated ghosts in the lenses.

Resizable via a menu driven script with a delete option.

Twisted Feathered Hat for the ladies. Also adorned with Victorian Gothic - Twisted Hunt cubes that spin and float around. Yes, this one also has the haunted Steampunk style goggles with animated ghosties in the lenses.

Resizable via a menu driven script with delete option.

Twisted Captive Jars are back with three new jars added. The jars have become a bit of tradition for Twisted so we just keep making them. The new key is available in world as well as on our Flickr feed.

Every jar is unique for the hunt theme it represents and with a few notable extras thrown in the mix just for run.

The shelf is the Rare for this GATCHA.  Collect them all!

We brought back the Twisted Sequin Pumps GATCHA.  It's been updated with the latest color scheme for Victorian Gothic. 

The Rare is a fatpack updated with all versions.

Something else we've done this time is brought back a lot of our previous hunt Twisted GATCHAs at a lower price.  So if you happened to miss out, you've got a chance to get some of those. Thank you for visiting the blog and feel free to share it.

Friday, August 25, 2017

ღ ♡ by Page Creations™ Participates in the Twisted Hunt Event ♡ ღ

By Page Creations™  is pleased to announce our participation in the Fall Twisted Hunt Event.  The theme this time is Victorian Gothic.  How fun is that? It's a mix of the Victorian Era with some Steampunk in the mix.

The Twisted Hunt for this Fall season will run from September 1st thru the 30th.

Stay tuned for our hunt prize and other Twisted goodies we will be releasing.

Be sure to join the Twisted Hunt group for updates, notices, and a great group of people to chat with.

Stop by our in world store, there is a sign out front where you can get information on how to join the group and other important news about the hunt that has been dubbed "The Toughest Hunt In SecondLife™".  Believe me when I say there are no fluffy pink bunnies in this hunt, that's for sure.  If you love great prizes for absolutely free, high quality prizes, enjoy a challenge, and ready to endure to the end, this is definitely the hunt for you!  If you can avoid rage quitting, there's a End Game with survivor prizes and also a Wrap Party.  Take a look at this link to decide if Twisted is right for you. Twisted Virgins Beware.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

ღ ♡ by Page Creations™ Participates in the Twisted Fairytales Event & Mini Hunt ♡ ღ

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Twisted Summer Sale & Mini Hunt Event. Starting today, the theme is Twisted Fairytales. Many vendors are set up for proceeds to go to Relay For Life.  There will also be a silent auction, raffles, gatcha machine action, and a mini-hunt going on.  Stop by, get some bargains, enjoy the festivities, and show a little support for a worthy cause. Here are a just a few of the items by Page Creations™ is offering.  We also have some other products available for a discounted price.

SLurl: Secrets of Gaia

The gift in the mini hunt is a special little creation called Enchanted Rose Musical. It's a small, wood carved table with a broken mirror and a beautiful rose under a bell jar enclosure.

The rose slowly rotates with lighting and particle effects. Touch the table to toggle the music off and on.

100% Mesh
Land Impact 5
Materials Enabled Music box version of the classic movie song.

Come do a little searching to get your today!

Feel like a Princess from a fairy tale with these delicate glass slippers.

Materials enabled with a resize by touch menu to size perfectly and no evil stepsisters to contend with.

Shoe base included.
Resize script can be deleted if desired. We would suggest making a copy of them first.

Will fit most mesh feet, sized for Slink out of the box.

Fairytale Hashtag Outfits are yet another offering during this event.  Numerous different colors with mesh body specific sizes, as well as 5 standard sizes for classic avatars. Alpha masks are included in the package. Materials Enabled

Slink Physique & Hourglass
Belleza - Isis, Freya, & Venus

Hashtags: #EvilQueen, #WickedWitch, #Cursed,
#HappilyEverAfter, #HappyEndings, #Charming, #OnceUponATime, #Fairydust, #Fairytales, #PoisonApple, #Princess, #TrueLovesKiss, & for the event #Twisted

Just a fun little GATCHA we came up with for the event. Evil Fairy Wands are all topped with a gemstone, tiny particle sparkles, with light and glow effects.  Hold animation.

Our second GATCHA for the event are Fairytale Villain Wall Plaques. Three different types are available. The stone backed color version, all stone, and all wood.  Each hand holds a prop significant to the fairy tale villain.

A wand, ruby slipper, magic mirror, colorful lollipop, glass slipper, poison apple, furry wolf hand

3-5 Land Impact
Materials Enabled

Raffle/Auction Item

Dark Forest Scene is a eerie addition to your own dark forest or would work as a backdrop for photography. A big black wolf lurks in the brush under the dark canopy of trees. red colored evil fairy/firefly effects and environmental sounds.
Animated bats dance around the tree line.

Materials enabled
15 Land Impact
99% Mesh

Raffle/Auction Item

I'm Wishing Well. We decided to give a nod to Snow White with this little scene. A stone wishing well with animated water, terracotta tiled roof, climbing roses, even a little blue bird.

99% Mesh
5 Animations
Environmental sounds
Firefly & Butterfly Effects

All Proceeds Go To RFL Item

The Sleeping Curse - Cherry Blossom version is a glass casket nestled under a cherry blossom tree with woodland friends to watch over any sleeping princess or prince.

99% Mesh, 20 Land Impact
2 Poses
Falling Blossoms
Environmental Sounds
Butterfly & Firefly Effects
Glass cover opens/closes by touch
All Proceeds Go To RFL Item

The Sleeping Curse - Enchanted version is a glass casket nestled under a tree with woodland friends to watch over any sleeping princess or prince.

99% Mesh, 20 Land Impact
2 Poses
Falling leaves
Environmental Sounds
Butterfly & Firefly Effects
Glass cover opens/closes by touch

We will also be offering our Gothic Regina Gowns, Gothic Regina Riding Hats (Similar to what the evil queen Regina from the tv show Once Upon A Time might wear.  Our Severus Gothic men's suits are on sale and we've even thrown in a ruffled lace neck attachment to the package. (Not Pictured in the store image)

*See images for more information

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

ღ ♡ Phunkies™ LED Hikers by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

We are pleased to introduce a new line called "Phunkies™".  What this is all about is the LED shoe craze.  Our Hikers is just the first in this series.  There are so many color and texture options, they will only be available in our in world store.  Leather, Metallics, & Dayglo.

The Hikers are for mesh and classic avatars.  There are versions for men, women, boys, and girls.

Resize available by menu with a delete option. We recommend making a copy before choosing that option.

The LEDs have the options of steady burn, pulse, flash, multicolor, duotone, speed slider. You can choose the primary and secondary colors as well.  You also have the option can save your color personalized color combinations on the HUD too.

Please visit by Page Creations™ in world store at this SLurl:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contract Raven Page via private message.