Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ღ ♡ Gift Giving Ideas & New Season Releases by Page Creations™ ♡ ღ

We gotten into the spirit with a lot of great gift ideas for Christmas. All are transferable and gift wrapped to save you a lot of time and effort.  Decor and fun things to wear.  We have ice skates for the men and the ladies this season.  They are truly unique and nothing like any we've seen on the market.  Snow globe musicals.  Yes, we went a little crazy making them.  Beautiful music box sounds and scenes. All of them are 100% Mesh.  So far everyone that's seen them, loved them and we hope you will too! Every thing this season is specially priced as not to break your budget, but low cost doesn't mean low quality. We strive to produce high quality designs, but keep reasonable and affordable prices.  We hope you will agree.

Pictured here is our Slink/Classic avatar version. They also come in an Aesthetics version as well.

They are unrigged, with a single menu driven resize script with delete option.  You'll receive the pair of ice skates with an extra skate that has a basic skating animation with sound.   We decided to do it this way for those who wish to purchase a more extravagant ice skating hud from a third party without having to give up their new skates in the process.  We've done this for the ladies as well.  They are material-enabled and as we mentioned before, gift packaged.  They do include the shoe base and alpha mask for our classic avatar customers.

Our Ornate Ice Skates for the ladies have all the goodies the male counterpart does with the exception of color choices.  They are offered in a classic black or classic white leather with the option of either gold or silver hardware.

They will work with Classic Avatars, Slink, Belleza, or Maitreya Mesh bodies too!

Snow globes, snow globes and more snow globes.  We have themed ones, classic winter, whimsical, religious, and even a little creepy Krampus for those with a darker taste.  Each has one has it's own music, no two are a like.

For out Whovians out there, we have the "Christmas Lost In Time Musical Snow Globe".  The music is "A Thousand Years".  The T.A.R.D.I.S. in a snowy scene with animated lights, even one of those scary snowmen hanging about outside.

For those who wish to have something in remembrance for the reason of the season, we have "Christmas Morning" that plays "Joy To The World".  A manger scene with the baby Jesus.  An Angel watching over him as he rests.

For those who wish to have something a little more traditional, we bring you "Father Christmas"  St. Nicholas in old world dress, surrounded by a snowy woodland scene with a racoon and squirrel in attendance. This one plays "Greensleeves".

On the darker side we have created "Krampus Krissmuss".  For those not familiar with this more European tradition, Krampus is like the polar opposite of Santa. When we say Santa Claus is watching you in the U.S., in some parts of Europe it's Krampus.  If your not behaving, Krampus will come and eat you!  There's a lot more info out there about this tradition. The music for this one is "Come Little Children" from the movie, "Hocus Pocus".  Be sure to Google Krampus, he's been around for a long time and it's actually a pretty interesting tale.

A little bit of the whimsical fun. We have our "Let It Snow" version that plays the same musical title.  A sweet little snowman next to a snowy tree with twinkling lights.

Another traditional Christmas version to remember the reason for the season.  Our "Mother & Child" snow globe plays the beautiful and inspirational tune of "Ava Maria".  This snow globe depicts a stone statue of Mary & the baby Jesus in a stone statue surrounded by frozen foliage in the snow.

Holiday classic more your style?  "Santa Claus Is Coming" plays the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town".  A Christmas Eve scene with a warm cabin surrounded by snow, twinkling lights, with a tiny snowman in the yard.  Over head you see Santa and his team flying over the rooftop.

"Silent Night" is a family of deer out in the woods surrounded by the beauty of winter.  Touch this lovely little snow globe to hear the song of the same title.  For our nature lovers.

For a little bit of whimsical fun we have "Sleding Santa".  He's out there enjoying a winter's day on his sled to the classic tune of "Jingle Bells"

And last, but certainly not least is our lovely "Snowy Christmas Tree".  Beautiful snowy Christmas tree, decked out with twinkling lights to delight those who see it.  Plays "O' Tannenbaum" or you might know it better as the song "O' Christmas Tree".

Friday, December 4, 2015

ღ ♡ 3D Republic Winter Market & Twisted Krissmuss ♡ ღ

Lots of new Christmas goodies for all!  May the joy of the season bring you all happiness and we hope we can help be a part of that.  We are participating in the 3D Republic Winter Market. We are also participating in the Twisted Krissmuss event.  Here are a few of our latest releases.

 ღ ♡ 3D Tinsel & Trees GATCHA ♡ ღ

Lots of beautiful Christmas trees for your home or to give as gifts.  All of them have beautiful ornaments, blinking lights, color changing light projections, and themes.  Materials enabled & gift boxed. Music can be toggled off/on with a touch to the base.The ultra rare poinsettia tree is a musical. Only 50L a pull.  How's that for savings!

ღ ♡ Twisted Krissmuss Musical Tree ♡ ღ

This is a special tree created just for the event. Purple velvet tree skirt, shades of blues and purple lights, ornaments that match the current event flyer, topped off with a silver star.  Gift boxed and materials enabled. It is also a musical that plays "Come Little Children".  Music can be toggled off/on with a touch to the base.

ღ ♡ Winter Solitude GATCHA ♡ ღ

If you are looking to create your own winter wonderland, our Winter Solitude GATCHA will make it a quick and easy thing to do.  Many of the pieces are animated.  Build a snowman, make a snow angel, sit by an open campfire to warm up a little, or just sit on a bench to enjoy some quiet time to think and enjoy the scenery.  Each piece is gift packaged 50L a pull.

You'll have to stop by either of these locations or our main store to see all the beautiful snowglobes we've just released.  I'll be posting all the ads to our Flickr account so be sure to take a look. Beautiful shoes and handbags for all the holiday parties to see too! More gift ideas coming soon!